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Lunch menu

Service: Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 16:00

Main Course

A tray contains five items: a main dish, a salad, an appetizer, a miso soup, and rice.

Korokke Lunch

Japanese Potato Croquette with Worcestershire sauce.
( Vegitarian possible )


Tori Karaage Lunch

Japanese crispy fried chicken.


Tonkatsu Lunch

Japanese thicker pork Cutlet


Japanese Potato Croquette with Worcestershire sauce


Japanese curry & rice with Tori Karaage


Japanese curry & rice with Tonkatsu


Japanese curry & rice with fried vegetables

Vegan, Gluten free



All our desserts are made in our kitchen.

Mix dessert plate

2 kinds mix dessert
3 kinds mix dessert

- Green tea ice cream
- Red bean ice cream
- Yuzu sorbet
- Sesame pudding





Opening times

Tuesday - Saturday: 12:00 - 16:30
Sunday - Monday: closed

Please reserve your table online.
And please confirm before booking that
we do not accept cash payments,
only card payments (EC/Visa/Master) are possible.
We appreciate your understanding very much.
Thank you for your booking.

Lunch Menu


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